Wine & Food Partners

Matching food and wine is not an arcane science. It is simply matching wine and food according to what tastes great in YOUR opinion.

The basic guide of white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Wines are becoming more versatile and flexible to cater for each person’s likes and dislikes.

Here is a set of guidelines of potential wine and food partners to assist you in your selection. Deviate from our suggestions and make your own. Celebrate your uniqueness and enjoy the splendor and beauty that is wine.


Food Matching Suggestion
Beef Any serious red. A good cabernet, merlot or perhaps even a shiraz.
Calamari A crisp sauvignon blanc or any white blend. You could also try a light red.
Chicken Very versatile, try an off-dry white or a medium bodied red.
Crayfish A bold chardonnay if there is a rich sauce involved, or a fresh, crisp sauvignon blanc if poached or lightly grilled will do the trick.
Duck Younger red wines with ripe fruits and a little spice go beautifully with duck.
Linefish Saltwater: Dry sparkling or a crisp white will compliment the delicate flavours.
Fresh water: More delicate white or a bold methode cap classique.
Grilled: Sauvignon blanc.
Sauced: Chardonnay or a chenin blanc.
Fish Curries Chenin blanc particularly with curries containing coconut milk. Off-dry blanc de noir or a lighter spicy red wine.
Oysters Methode cap classique, a lightly wooded sauvignon blanc or an unwooded chardonnay.
Pasta’s Seafood pasta: sauvignon blanc or chardonnay.
Cream or tomato based pasta: A good sturdy red.
Pork Off-dry, fruity reds. Possibly even a rose.
Prawns Sauvignon blanc or a chardonnay will go beautifully with prawns.
Salads Sauvignon blanc for a green salad or a wine to suit the main ingredient. Check the dressing too, as lemon and vinegar tend to change the taste of most wines.
Salmon Try a riesling or a fruity, non-tannic young red.
Shellfish Sauvignon blanc, crisp chenin or an off-dry riesling.
Desserts Methode cap classique adds extra sparkle or a rich, decadant Noble late harvest.
Cheese Noble late harvest or a fortified white i.e. Ruby port or a brandy based pinotage.